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Last updated on: 03/04/2020

From Susie Ma, Founder 

In a rapidly changing global situation, we will continue to be open and transparent, to keep you updated on everything that we are doing, and adhere to government guidelines at all times. My commitment and priority is always, and remains, the health and well-being of our Tropic staff, Ambassadors and customers. It is the first pillar of our Infinite Purpose, and something we do not compromise on. 

Following the government advice around social distancing on Tuesday 24th March, they stated that ‘online retail is still open and encouraged’ and that the ‘postal and delivery service will still run as normal’ (see info here). That is why you are seeing other retailers close their shops, but continue to fulfil online orders.

As a business that can operate online, we’re fortunate that, for the moment, we are able and are being encouraged by our government, to continue operating. While I understand that skincare may not be considered a necessity by all, I also know that for many people keeping a sense of routine and caring for their skin forms an important part of their lives, and for me personally it is a vital part of my mental wellbeing. 

Empowering our Ambassadors is another pillar of our Infinite Purpose. And so we also have a responsibility for the hundreds of our Ambassadors who depend on Tropic for their primary income, and the thousands of our Ambassadors who supplement their income through their Tropic businesses. Which is why we are continuing our service to our Ambassadors and customers for as long as we can ensure it is safe to do so, and as long as it remains permitted by our Government.

As part of this, we have increased our support hours with the Ambassador and Customer Support team working 8am to 8pm Monday - Friday from home to help stay connected with our Tropic family.

Please read on to learn more about the measures in place at Tropic to keep our staff, Ambassadors and community safe and healthy.




  • We have reduced the number of staff in our HQ from 160 per day to around 40, spread across 6 sections of our building. This is so that we are operating with the smallest amount of staff required to send your orders out to you.

  • HQ staff are on new shift patterns. Working 4 days on, 4 days off from 7am to 7pm, with 4 breaks each day. This is to minimise staff journeys to work. The new working hours also ensure staff are travelling at quiet periods, outside of standard working hours.

  • Staff who cannot work from home due to the nature of their work are not expected to work at Tropic HQ during this unprecedented time. If they feel it's not right for them they will remain an employee and resume their roles when we all return to business as normal.

  • All members of the Tropic team who can work from home, are. That includes our marketing, finance, ambassador support, stock control, admin, graphic design, software, HR, research and development teams.

  • No external visitors are permitted at Tropic HQ for the foreseeable future. 



    • 60% of our Tropic staff drive, cycle or walk to work.

    • Rental cars, bikes and helmets are provided free of charge for any members of staff from w/c 30th March 2020.

    • Those who prefer to take public transport, (as we have a tram that stops 2 minutes walk away from our HQ) are provided with gloves and masks each day for their commute.

    • Since we live outside of central London in an industrial area, there is very little footfall at these times. And public transport is particularly quiet at the times that our staff travel in and out.

    • In a survey with our staff, there is an average of 6-10 other passengers on the tram/bus commutes to and from work due to the new working hours. Allowing them to keep a safe distance from other passengers. Bus and tram drivers also do not allow extra passengers on if a safe distance is not able to be maintained.



    • Our stringent GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) rules ensure those entering the building, and moving between departments must gown up/down, including gloves, hair nets, beard snoods and protective footwear.

    • All team members working remain at a safe distance apart from one another at all times.

    • To help lift spirits and encourage mental wellbeing, free Tropic products and ‘Pamper Packs’ have been made available to all staff, on and off site.

    • Hands are washed every hour on the hour, and temperatures are taken daily.

    • Our Operations Manager and supervisors check in on our staff’s wellbeing throughout the day.

    • Personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, hair nets, shoes, overalls etc.) is provided for work and commuting, with staff members able to ask for more if they need it.

    • We have a team of 3 hygiene staff continuously steaming and sanitising surfaces around HQ with industrial cleaning every 7 days.

    • Staff uniforms and all work wear is laundered every day.



    Our aim is to continue to empower our Ambassadors for as long as possible by remaining operational, as long as our HQ team remain safe. For weeks, we have issued advice to our Ambassadors to not hold any physical Pamper Experiences. So, our Ambassadors have taken their businesses online, and are pampering virtually. Whether Ambassadors continue selling products is completely at their discretion, but we will be supporting them with all necessary information relating to coronavirus and how that impacts their businesses.



    Thank you for your support, it matters now more than ever. As well as all the measures we’re taking at HQ, our couriers are following all recommended advice to ensure your deliveries arrive safely - we use Royal Mail, UPS and DPD and will still be shipping parcels internationally until further notice. Please do stay on top of your own country’s measures for the most up-to-date information, and contact us directly for any queries. We're still processing all returns and exchanges here at Tropic HQ.



    • As part of our Infinite Purpose we aim to give back to those in need as much as possible and this is relevant now more than ever. We are staying connected with the charities we support including our partners at United World Schools and those at the Winnie Mabaso Foundation to ensure they are doing well and being supported through this world crisis.

    • To support our Ambassadors who are NHS staff and key workers, we have sent out 900 complimentary Pamper Packs that we hope will help care for their hard working hands and uplift their spirits.

    • Our team are also working hard to produce 50,000 conditioning Hand Sanitisers and 20,000 Calm Balms - an adaptation of our Hand Creambalms with enriched repairing properties - to distribute amongst key workers. These products will be available as soon as ingredients come back in stock - we are on-track for the first batch of our Hand Sanitisers to be available mid-April, with Calm Balms and the remaining Hand Sanitisers available at the end of April.

    • We have launched 15,000 Pamper Packs to allow our customers to gift while giving back. All of the profits made from these packs will go towards charitable causes, supporting the production of hand sanitisers for the NHS and other key workers later on. Any remaining profits will go towards The Trussell Trust, a charity that supports a nationwide network of over 1,200 food banks to provide emergency food and support, an essential lifeline for those finding themselves locked into poverty including those affected as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

    • We have increased our support hours with the Ambassador and Customer Support team working 8am to 8pm Monday - Friday from home to help stay connected with our Tropic family.


    If you have any questions, please ask the Tropic team - you can find our contact information here. We are here to support and empower you, always - no question is too small.

    We’ve got this. We’ve got you. 

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