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Festive Gifts

We're all about the little things that make us smile this festive season. It's been a pretty tough year for many, so we wanted to provide you with some present ideas that allow loved ones a little moment of calm and a chance to hit reset. This year's gift collections are a nod to our humble origins – our Founder, Susie Ma, and her market days. Each product is designed to bring you or your loved ones little moments of joy.

Whether a collection reminds you of your favourite hot drink from your local café or it helps you to drift off into a more fulfilling night’s sleep, each one has been lovingly made to celebrate the little things that we no longer take for granted. If you want to show your appreciation for those you wish you could hold a little tighter this festive season, those whose love wraps warmth around your heart, however near or far, then you've come to the right place. Send a little love this year. Do a little thing.


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