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SUMMER SKIN gradual tanning lotion

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SUMMER SKIN gradual tanning lotion

If you don’t want to go from zero to woah glow overnight but you do want your skin to look like it’s been subject to some outdoor love - aka a healthy, radiant and natural-looking tan - gradual is the way to go. Using DHA derived from sugarbeet and a patented plant allo-melanin - a clever antioxidant that mimics your skin’s own melanin production - they work in harmony with your skin to create a radiance that’s tailored to you. Coconut oil and mango butter have also been factored in to keep skin soft and hydrated while the pina colada scent transports you to sunnier climes, no passport needed.

  • gradual-build
  • nourishing
  • streak-free
  • Benefits

    Patented plant allo-melanin is the scientific brilliance behind our gradual tanning lotion. An antioxidant that replicates the skin’s melanin production, as well as protecting from oxidative stress, it also slows down the production of DHA - the ingredient in tanning products that naturally browns the dead skin cells and causes your skin to change colour and ‘tan’. By putting the brakes on this process it means there won’t be any nasty or unnatural surprises the morning after you’ve applied this, just a gorgeous, even and sun-kissed appearance. Beetroot amino acids and mango butter also up the antioxidant ratio to keep skin safe from environmental aggressors while aloe vera, golden jojoba oil and coconut oil keep skin hydrated and smooth.

  • Full Ingredients

    All our products are freshly made in the UK using the most nutritious, sustainably sourced ingredients from across the globe.

    Our heroes:
    Plant Allo-melanin

    Our patented plant allo-melanin works by mimicking the colour of your skin’s own melanin. Often that orange ‘fake’ colour from a tanning product is because the DHA in the formula has worked too quickly and oxidised on the skin but our plant allo-melanin takes a slow and steady approach so you get an even, natural-looking tan every time. 

    Mango butter
    This tropical skin nourisher made from mango seeds is lovely and light and has no greasiness which is why it’s glorious to smother onto skin. It’s also loaded with nutrients including vitamin A, C and E, magnesium, zinc and antioxidants to help protect and prep skin for a flawless-looking tan. 

    Coconut oil
    A marvellous emollient that’s rapidly absorbed, coconut oil is composed of fatty acids that the skin loves. It also keeps the barrier function in tip top condition so it doesn’t dry out because no-one wants a patchy tan. 

    Full Ingredients list

    Purified Water, Jojoba Oil, Sugar Derived Tanning Agent, Coconut Oil, Plant Glycerin, Aloe Vera Juice, Macadamia Oil, Mango Seed Butter, Plant Derived Emulsifier, Lecithin, Plant Allo-Melanin, Vitamin E, Key Lime Oil, Corn Sugar Gum, Sugar Beet Lactic Acid, Plant Derived Emulsifiers, Natural Coconut and Vanilla Aroma, Plant Derived Preservatives

    aqua, simmondsia chinensis seed oil, dihydroxyacetone, cocos nucifera oil, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, mangifera indica seed oil, cetearyl alcohol, lecithin, melanin, tocopherol, citrus aurantifolia peel oil, xanthan gum, lactic acid, glyceryl caprylate, glyceryl stearate se, aroma (from natural sources), glyceryl undecylenate, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, limonene*, citral* *component of natural essential oils

  • Delivery and Returns

    We understand that all skin is different, so if you do need to return your product to us for any reason, check out our returns page for all the details.

  • Packaging and Recycling

    Finished with your product? Here’s all the information you need to make sure your empty packaging ends up in the right place! 

    We always recommend top recycling etiquette, so please separate components before recycling and empty and rinse your packaging with water to minimise contamination where relevant. 

    • Paper wrap sourced from sustainable forests. Printed with vegetable ink. Widely recycled.
    • Tube widely recycled.
    • Cap widely recycled. 
  • Award-Winning Beauty

    Our products are award-winning, effective and ethical – in an industry that often overlooks environmental impact, we promise to double offset all of our carbon emissions.

How to use

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How to use

  1. Apply onto clean, unmoisturised skin in long, even strokes to ensure maximum, streak-free coverage. Be sure to wash hands thoroughly after use.
  2. Reapply your Summer Skin every day to achieve the natural tan you’ve always wanted, then simply top up every 2-3 days to make your colour last.

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