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How to get The Temptress makeup look with Bryony Blake

How to get The Temptress makeup look with Bryony Blake

Forget everything you’ve heard about which colour eye shadow suits which colour eyes: a subtle pop of purple is the hue for you, and you, and you!

We worked with celebrity makeup artist, Bryony Blake, to bring you this makeup look, proving that luminous skin and a hint of purple on the eye is universally flattering. Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this temptress look with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette

The Temptress Makeup Look 

  1. Begin by applying Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation with the Kabuki Brush. Buffing the product into your skin is a great way to massage the face, gently stimulating a natural glow from within.

  2. Apply a little more Beauty Booster to your under eye area and blend it in using the larger end of the Flat Detailing Brush.

  3. This look is all about luminous skin, so give any remaining under-eye darkness the boot by applying Undercover Cream Concealer with the larger end of the Flat Detailing Brush.

  4. Add a subtle flush of colour by using your fingers to apply Blush Crush Cream Colour to the apples of your cheeks, blending up towards your ears. 

  5. Using the fluffy end of the Eye Shadow Brush, apply Eyes On You Pressed Shadow in Oatmeal all over your eyelids for a wash of shimmer. Once you’ve applied most of the product to the lid, blend any excess up towards your brow bone.

  6. Switch to the pointed end of the brush to bring shimmering purple shade, Galaxy, along your upper lash line, building up to your preferred intensity before going back to the fluffy end of the brush to blend out. If you want to continue the colour onto your lower lash line, use the pointed end of the brush to apply as much as you like there.

  7. Fallout after applying eye shadow is common, so you may have a few specks of product on your under eyes by this point. Rather than wiping them away with your fingers, apply a dot of Beauty Booster to the pointed end of the Pure Precision Beauty Drop Sponge and gently swipe the product away, blending the product out as you go.

  8. Top up any coverage you’ve lost by applying Undercover Cream Concealer under your eyes, using the larger end of the Flat Detailing Brush to blend it all in.

  9. Toughen up this pretty look with the Lash Extension Kit in Black! Start by applying the Fixing Gel Mascara to your upper and lower lashes, then apply the Extension Fibres to your upper lashes before going back in with a final coat of mascara.

  10. Applying cream products with your fingers gives you unrivalled control over the amount of product you use, so don’t be afraid to go in with Way To Glow Cream Highlighter in Sunrise, using your ring finger to dab it onto your cheekbones, cupid’s bow and anywhere else you’d like a little extra glow.

  11. A glossy lip is the perfect way to bring dewy luminosity through every aspect of this look. Dot Lip Glaze in Velvet Peach onto the back of your hand, then apply it to your lips using the Small Detailing Brush.

  12. Finally, use the pointed end of the Precision Face Brush to set your under eyes, forehead and wherever else you experience extra shine with Soft Focus Perfecting Powder.

Melissa (pictured) wears Beauty Booster in Porcelain, Undercover in Macadamia, Blush Crush in Coral Bloom and Soft Focus in Light. Connect with a local Tropic Ambassador for advice on finding your perfect shades and to order your new makeup faves today!

Don't forget to share your look with us at #LoveTropic!

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