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Sun, Screens and The Benefits of Blue Light Protection

Sun, Screens and The Benefits of Blue Light Protection

The days are getting longer, and we’re ready for our summer wardrobes and some al-fresco dining. 

Although this summer might not be the one we had planned, we can still breathe in that summer breeze and enjoy the feeling of sunshine on our faces - be it from our gardens, balconies or daily walks. 

However, it’s important to ensure we’re protecting ourselves from the sun, pollution and those blue light technology rays. 

What is Blue Light and how does it affect me?

You may have heard about
blue light before - often referred to as high energy visible light, or HEV - it has a higher frequency than other colours in the visible spectrum, reaching deeper into our skin than UVA and UVB rays. 

The main source of blue light comes from sunlight, but it’s also emitted by screens and smartphones. During a period when we’re increasingly attached to our digital devices (when are too many virtual quizzes too many?) and we’re getting notifications to tell us ‘your screen time was up 42%’, it's important to know what difference this makes on a day-to-day basis. 

Recent studies have shown that, just like pollution and smog, blue light has been attributed to oxidative stress and free radical production on the dermis layer. This means that blue light can speed up the ageing process by weakening the deeper layers of our skin.

So, whether we’re getting your daily dose of outdoor exercise or are lost in a YouTube blackhole, it’s important to stay protected from HEV light!

How do we protect our skin from blue light and pollution? 

By using a broad spectrum sunscreen every day, whether you’re spending it indoors or out. And thanks to our next generation
Sun Day Facial UV Defence, every day is a Sun Day!

As well as providing broad spectrum UV protection and pollution protection, it contains banana flower and hibiscus extracts to protect the skin from blue light damage, meaning Sun Day has got you covered from more than just the sun! 

Don’t forget to accessorise with a hat and a glamorous pair of shades whenever you’re out and about to not only look chic, but also stay safe.

We’d love to see you using Sun Day Facial UV Defence to protect your skin from the sun and blue light from your screens, whether you are indoors or out.
Simply tag us @tropicskincare on Instagram and use #LoveTropic to share your snaps with us!  

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