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If you’re working from home and getting used to a new routine, why not take the time to up your shower game and feel invigorated every day with our Body Washes! 

With these top tips, you can turn those April showers into a daily tropical paradise for your skin!   


Begin by switching off your phone and other devices and leave them in a separate room - we know it can be tempting to take a sneaky peek, so out of sight out of mind! If possible dim your bathroom lighting and light your favourite scented candle and/or an oil diffuser.

If you really want to crank the relaxation up a notch why not turn on some relaxing background music, think spa time atmosphere in your very own bathroom.


One of the key steps in creating the ultimate shower experience is picking the perfect mood-boosting scent. Why? Because
scent has the ability to affect our emotions more than most of our other senses...

Scents are initially processed by the olfactory bulb (bear with us here), which runs from the nose to the bottom of the brain, directly connecting to the amygdala and hippocampus, two areas of the brain strongly involved in emotion and memory. Visual, auditory (sound) and tactile (touch) information, doesn’t pass through these areas of the brain, which might be why scent in particular triggers emotions and changes in mood.

Considering the powerful impact scent can have on mood and emotions, your choice in our five luscious lathers is vital to your game-changing shower 


As Goldilocks said, the temperature should be just right! Cranking the temp of your shower up too high can have a long term drying effect on your skin, and also opens pores, allowing dirt and other nasties to enter more easily throughout the day. Yikes! Keeping the temperature low (but still warm!) is perfect for your skin and makes for a pleasant, relaxing shower!   


Most of us are guilty of spending a lot of time on our screens, which is why it's important to engage your other senses too. Showering with one of our tropical body washes means your sense of smell is covered, but we can also engage sound and touch. 

How? Once you’re in the shower with the temperature just right, close your eyes gently and focus on the water around you. Let your mind wander as you listen to the sound of splashing, focus on the feel of it hitting your skin and enjoy the warmth and comfort of this all around you.


Focus on your breathing. Allow your breath to really fill up your lungs.
Is your chest rising and falling slowly? Breathe in slowly for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, then very slowly breathe out again.



As you massage the body wash into your skin continue to focus on your breathing, allowing the mood-boosting scents to work their magic. 
Say bye to the bubbles as your rinse off and imagine all of the day’s worries melting away down the drain. 



Carry on the meditation for a few minutes, then allow yourself to bring your awareness back to the room. Keep still until you feel ready to get out of the bath or shower. Remember, you deserve this time for your body and your mind! 



If you’re feeling brave, studies show that ending your shower with a quick blast of cold water can have some fantastic health benefits! If you want to help increase alertness and ease stress, try running your shower cold for as little as ten seconds before you hop out. Cold water also helps to refine the pores on your skin, improve your circulation, and can even aid with muscle recovery after a hard session at the gym!  

Do you have any tips and tricks for powering up your shower?? Head on over to our Facebook or Twitter pages and let us know!  

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