Mask Mapping: How to apply multiple face masks

Our range of freshly made, cruelty-free and natural face masks are perfect for mask mapping. Whether your skin craves moisture, longs to be brighter, or needs a blemish-banishing remedy, we've got you covered!

What is mask mapping? 

So, you’re great at multitasking, but have you ever tried multi-masking? 

Mask mapping involves using multiple masks on different areas of your face, rather than just one all over. The idea? To give every corner of your complexion the customised care it needs. 

Since many of us tend to have combination skin – think an oily T-zone, but dry cheeks – a one-and-done approach just won’t cut it. Mask mapping nourishes each part of your skin, ensuring you use the right products in the right places. Genius!  


Get familiar with your face

    Before you dive face-first into mask mapping, you need to identify what your skin needs. Which areas are dry, oily or prone to breakouts? Do certain areas need brightening and tightening? Make sure you do the legwork here because guesswork could cause irritation and inflammation. 

    Shower first, mask second

      A freshly washed face is a must, but you can’t beat a pre-masking shower. The steam works wonders for opening up your pores and loosening any dirt or debris, helping the masks sink deeper into your skin. 

      Exfoliation is key

        Dead skin cells can prevent masks from working their magic, so let’s get rid of them! For an unbeatable exfoliating experience, reach for Tropic’s Face Smooth Brightening Polish. Apply in circular motions to damp skin and relax as the gentle bamboo silica spheres do all the dirty work. Rinse off any excess formula and pat dry with a cloth to reveal bright and beautiful skin. 

        Mask up

          It’s finally time to apply your masks! Check to see which mask needs the longest contact time and start here. Our handy Mask Spatula makes application effortless thanks to its soft silicone tip. Bending and flexing to hit those hard-to-reach spots, it’s a smooth operator. 



          Skin type: Oily or blemish-prone

          Try: New Horizons Blemish-Clearing Mask

          Why: Say so long to spots and goodbye to blemishes with this mighty mask. Spirulina and ginger root extract work to calm angry skin, while green clay and bamboo charcoal absorb excess oil and unclog pores. You’ll swap breakouts for brightness with this skin saviour. 

          How: Layer on to areas where blemishes crop up – usually the T-zone and chin – and rinse off after 10-20 minutes. A clear, shine-free complexion is just around the corner! 

          deep hydration



          Skin type: Dry, sensitive or irritated

          Try: Comfort Food Deep Hydration Mask 

          Why: Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night desperate for a drink of water? Well, that’s how our skin feels when it’s dehydrated. Luckily, this mask is the ultimate thirst-quencher. Juicy super berries keep moisture levels topped up, while soothing resurrection flower extracts give skin a new lease of life. Skin’s left feeling smooth, bouncy and bright. 

          How: Apply to dehydrated areas, such as your forehead and cheeks. Leave for 20-30 minutes – or overnight for intense hydration – and rinse off to reveal silky-soft skin.  

          Face lift

          Skin type:
           Dull or ageing

          Try:  Electric Bloom Brightening Tightening Mask

          Why: Dull skin dampening the mood? This little pot of sunshine will leave you looking (and feeling) bright and breezy. 

          Sea buckthorn extract provides a delicious blend of essential fatty acids and vitamins, while kaolin clay absorbs excess oil and removes impurities. With a dose of dazzling turmeric for good measure, say hello to a radiant, more youthful-looking complexion.

          How: Using your Tropic Mask Spatula, apply an even layer to your face and neck. Leave for 10-20 minutes before rinsing off. Use twice a week for super sparkling skin. 


          - Store masks in the fridge to help them last longer. They'll also feel refreshingly cool on your skin! 

          - Apply sparingly, gradually building up layers until you have an even coverage.

          - Finish with a spritz of Morning Mist to lock in all the benefits of your mask.

          We love to see your masking moments, so please keep sharing them with us by tagging @tropicskincare and using the hashtag #LoveTropic. You might spot yourself on our website or social channels!


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