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Already using our celeb-favourite Super Greens oil? Follow in the footsteps of the Hollywood stars with this flawless, illuminated makeup look. With ‘model off-duty’ brows, glowing skin and award-winning red lips you wouldn’t look out of place at the Oscars with this flawless look.

We worked with makeup artist, Rebecca Barnes, to bring you this tutorial. Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this look, demonstrated here on Danielle, with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette.

Includes a free Colour Palette case and trays, worth £16!

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    • Bestseller
    Add long-lasting definition to your eyes with this smudge-proof liner.



    • + 4 Colours
  • BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
    • Bestseller
    BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
    Our dewy liquid foundation with added SPF protection.



    • + 7 Colours
    • Bestseller
    Two steps to luscious lashes.



  • ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
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    ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
    Reach for this multifunctional formula to unlock your natural radiance.



    • + 5 Colours
  • SOFT FOCUS perfecting powder
    This mineral finishing powder is the perfect finale for your makeup.



  • LINE UP lip pencil
    • Bestseller
    LINE UP lip pencil
    Plump, colour and sharpen lips.


    A pop of colour with hours of wear.



  • Step one

    Using your Kabuki Brush, pick up a little bit of the Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation in your matching shade. Lightly layer the product onto your skin and buff in circular motions to even out the tone. Then, using your Beauty Drop Sponge, apply a touch of Undercover Cream Concealer on any areas that need slightly more coverage.
  • Step two

    To brighten the eyes, pop little dots of Illuma Light Diffusing Concealer under your peepers, before patting in with the same Beauty Drop Sponge. Then, grab your Kabuki Brush and set your face with a dusting of Soft Focus Perfecting Powder.
  • Step three

    For a soft, warm eye look, lightly buff Jet Set Pressed Bronzer or Blush Crush through the crease of your lid with the fluffy end of your Eye Shadow Brush. Then, with your finger, dab Way To Glow directly onto the lid and into the inner corners of your eye to add some sparkling luminosity.
  • Step four

    Take your Silk Gel Liner in Ebony and lightly sketch along the top of the lash line. Use the angled end of your 3in1 Eye Brush to gently tease the product out into the shape of a wing. Then, swap to your Silk Gel Liner in Luna, and sweep it across your waterline to open your eyes even further. Finish with a coat of Fixing Gel Mascara, followed with a layer of Extension Fibres for extra definition and finalise with another coat of Fixing Gel Mascara to set it in place
  • Step five

    For exquisitely understated brows, just use the spoolie from the 3in1 Eye Brush to groom and neaten. We want to keep the brows chic, modern and natural so your eyeshadow can take centre stage.
  • Step six

    Use the domed end of the Precision Face Brush, run it through Jet Set Pressed Bronzer, and lightly buff onto the face following the natural contours of your cheekbones and temples.
  • Step seven

    For added radiance, sweep some Way To Glow onto the cheekbones and tip of the nose, using the pointed end of the Precision Face Brush. Then, use the Eco Artist Powder Brush to swish some Blush Crush onto the apples of your cheeks and your temples for a natural, sculpting flush.
  • Step eight

    To secure a neat, crisp pout, make sure your Line Up Lip Pencil is nice and sharp. Use it to outline clean lips, before swiping Bitten Red Lip Stain all over. Once you apply one layer, resist the temptation to rub your lips together – leave the stain set before going in for round two - or three, if you’re craving added drama!

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