• Ruby Haze in Shade 3
  • Ruby Haze in Shade 3

Ruby Haze

A smouldering haze of ruby around the eyes, warmed up with sun-kissed skin and a sheer, hydrating coat of Sheer Blossom on the lips. It may be winter, but this fiery look is sure to heat up any room you enter! 

We’ve recreated this look on different models to show you how to create the same effect for various skin tones, skin types and face shapes. You can try this look, demonstrated here on Ana and Terri-Li, with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette, alongside your base essentials and tools. 

Includes a free Colour Palette case and trays, worth £16!

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  • BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
    • Bestseller
    BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
    Our dewy liquid foundation with added SPF protection.



    • + 7 Colours
  • ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
    • Bestseller
    ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
    Reach for this multifunctional formula to unlock your natural radiance.



    • + 5 Colours
    • Bestseller
    Enriched with SPF, this lightweight powder promises soft, seamless coverage.



    • + 7 Colours
  • SOFT FOCUS perfecting powder
    This mineral finishing powder is the perfect finale for your makeup.



    • Bestseller
    Two steps to luscious lashes.



  • KISS ME QUICK lipstick
    • Bestseller
    KISS ME QUICK lipstick
    A long-lasting lipstick to suit all skin tones.

    £20.00 £17.00

    • + 12 Colours
  • LINE UP lip pencil
    • Bestseller
    LINE UP lip pencil
    Plump, colour and sharpen lips.


  • Step One

    Using the Beauty Drop Sponge, smooth Beauty Booster over your face, buffing outwards from the centre. With the large end of your Flat Detailing Brush, dab Illuma Light-diffusing Concealer under the eyes and any areas you wish to illuminate. With the Powder Brush, set your base with Mineral Foundation, then dust Soft Focus Perfecting Powder on top to mattify.
  • Step Two

    Use the spoolie end of your 3in1 Eye Brush to fluff your brows, then use the angled end to fill them in with Brow Boss Defining Powder. Using the angled end of the Expert Blending Brush, sweep Eyes on You in Ruby Rock across your eyelid. Add depth by layering Cinnamon across the crease with the domed end of the same brush.
  • Step Three

    Swipe Made You Look Wax Liner in Ebony across your eyelid with the angled end of your 3in1 Eye Brush. Fan out into a smudgy flick and blend using the domed end of the same brush. Grab the Lash Extension Kit in Black and apply a base layer of Fixing Gel Mascara. Top with Extension Fibres, then seal with another layer of mascara.
  • Step Four

    Using the domed end of the Precision Face Brush, sweep Blush Crush on the apples of your cheeks and upwards over the cheekbone. Blend with the pointed end of the same brush. Sweep Way to Glow pressed highlighter across cheekbones using the large end of the flat detailing brush
  • Step Five

    Slightly overline lips using Line Up, then fill with Kiss Me Quick. For a glossy twist on this perfect natural lip, glide a layer of Lip Glaze on top. For the pièce de resistance, dab Way To Glow slightly over your Cupid’s bow with the pointed end of the Eye Shadow Brush.

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