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Make Them Wink

Pretty, pink, and perfectly pulled together, this shimmery show-stopping look will have all eyes on you, wherever you go. 

We worked with makeup artist, Em-J Williams, to bring you this tutorial. Alongside your base essentials and tools, you can recreate this look, demonstrated on Marie, with our customisable, sustainable Colour Palette.

Includes a free Colour Palette case and trays, worth £16!

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  • BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
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    BEAUTY BOOSTER sheer foundation
    Our dewy liquid foundation with added SPF protection.



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    Enriched with SPF, this lightweight powder promises soft, seamless coverage.



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  • ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
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    ILLUMA light-diffusing concealer
    Reach for this multifunctional formula to unlock your natural radiance.



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    Add long-lasting definition to your eyes with this smudge-proof liner.



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  • SOFT FOCUS perfecting powder
    This mineral finishing powder is the perfect finale for your makeup.



  • KISS ME QUICK lipstick
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    KISS ME QUICK lipstick
    A long-lasting lipstick to suit all skin tones.

    £20.00 £17.00

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    The high-shine finish your lips deserve. 



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  • LINE UP lip pencil
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    LINE UP lip pencil
    Plump, colour and sharpen lips.


  • Step one

    For the base, apply the Beauty Booster Sheer Foundation with the Beauty Drop Sponge. Then, add Illuma Light Concealer under the eyes and on any blemishes, blending with your sponge.
  • Step two

    Follow by buffing Mineral Foundation all over your complexion with the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush. Finish acing the base with your Soft Focus Perfecting Powder, applied using your handy Kabuki Brush.
  • Step three

    You’ll only need the tiniest bit of this Jet Set Bronzer to effortlessly contour – it works especially beautifully on pale skin, too! Add a little pop on the cheeks, as it’s quite pigmented, and pair with a stroke of Way To Glow on the cheekbones. Smile in the mirror and add Blush Crush to the apples of your cheeks with the Powder Brush, creating an instant glow.
  • Step four

    To build a finessed and fierce brow, select a shape from your Eyebrow Stencil Kit and use the 3in1 Eye Brush to apply Brow Boss.
  • Step five

    To tie the pinky tones together, use the same Blush Crush on the eyes – focusing in the crease of your lid. The large side of your Flat Detailing Brush is perfect for packing on layers of luscious colour and achieving the appearance of a really strong pigment – yeah, she’s versatile!
  • Step six

    With the small side of your Flat Detailing Brush, apply Eyes On You in Aura to the centre of the eyelids. Then, follow with the same Way To Glow you previously used on the cheekbones, bringing a sparkle to the centre of the eyelids and the inner corners. This trick makes the eyes pop and creates a spotlight effect for the irises.
  • Step seven

    With the slanted end of your 3in1 Eye Brush, use the Brow Boss Defining Powder on the lash line. This will intensify the lashes without adding too much block colour, creating some nice separation between the lashes and the eye. Take that ever-useful Blush Crush underneath the eye as well, using the flat side of your 3in1 Eye Brush to add some subtle pink drama. Finally, glide Silk Gel Liner along the waterline to make your eyes appear doe-like and adorable. Gently brush the lashes with the Fixing Gel Mascara in Black. After one thin coat, apply the Extension Fibres and gloss over with another coat of mascara.
  • Step eight

    For pout perfection, use Kiss Me Quick lipstick. A little Line Up Lip Pencil and a touch of Lip Glaze in Velvet Peach will take your bold lip game to new levels.

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